A greener Geelong on the way

Recent plans from the City Council to plant more trees is a very popular move  if the comments in the Addy is anything to go by.

We’re desperate to see more trees planted and residents empowered to participate by planting their naturestrip, backyards or even bare public spaces.


Win! You voted on public toilets around pako

Votes have been counted following public consultation for the design and location of the proposed new Geelong West toilets. The majority voted to replace the existing toilet block behind Geelong West Town Hall in Albert Street with a similar size building.

Thankfully most concerned residents voted and persuaded Council not to create new toilets at the expense of refreshing the existing well placed toilets. More info about the results on the council website.

Councillor candidates meet the locals.

Candidates vying for the Kildare Ward vacancy on Council addressed a community forum on Thursday 24 September.  Each candidate, in turn, addressed the group of about 30 residents before residents were given the opportunity to ask questions.  The forum was moderated by Catriona Simmonds, president of Greening Geelong West Inc.

Of the 11 candidates, the following eight participated in the forum:
Sue Bull, Brad Clarke, Ellen Csar, Karina Lloyd, Peter Murrihy, Adrian Schonfelder, Sophia Shen and Trent Sullivan.

During questions from the floor, residents raised concerns about a planning application to construct a 36m telco transmission tower inside the Geelong Western Public Cemetery at the southern boundary with Herne Hill Reserve.  Residents’ concerns highlighted the absence on Council of a Kildare Ward councillor who would convey their concerns during the application process.

Each of the candidates present made a public commitment to oppose this planning application should she/he be elected on 16 October.

The forum was organised by Greening Geelong West as a community engagement initiative.  We had a little help from our friends at Geelong West Neighbourhood House, who made possible the hire of the Virginia Todd Centre.

Toilets on Pako – feedback

The City of Greater Geelong are asking for further feedback on their plans for toilet blocks in and around pako.

Submit your feedback by September  29.

We are in favour of option 1: A more tasteful redevelopment of the old toilet block at the back of the town hall.

The other options have issues:

Option 2 ruins the hope steet mini square by putting toilets to close to this area effectively killling this seating and meeting area.

Option 3 will create a squeeze point for pedestrians crossing between the library  and car park and may end up being a derelict passage.

Option 4. The idea moving the west park toilet out into the open space of the park will ruin a nice portion of the parks usable space. No one wants to hang out close to a toilet block.

Sign the petition: Nature-strip gardening in Geelong

We think that Geelong residents should be able plant out their own nature-strips!

It has obvious benefits to the community, like more greenery, ability to grow our own food, adds interests to the streets and is mostly a weedy wasted space in many Geelong streets.

Sign the petition that will be presented to Geelong council.

Greening Greenbank Street Marrickville src: www.savingourtrees.wordpress.com

New website

We now have this website to keep you up to date with what we are doing and hopefully inspire more people like you who want a better greener Geelong to get active.