Take action

Our vision for Geelong region is a cool, green, thriving, healthy and more sustainable city and suburbs. We are working hard to make this happen but we need you to take action.

  1. Subscribe to our email updates (so you know of tree planting days or working bees)
  2. Ask council to plant a tree on your street
  3. Contact your Geelong Councillor and ask for trees or plants to be planted in a local area that you think needs greening, renewal or shade.
  4. Come to one of our meetings to talk about your big ideas for greening Geelong
  5. Organise a group of volunteers to help plant out an area.  If you have a place in mind that’s great (council approval required), otherwise we can organise a council approved location to plant out.
  6. Make donation to our group (to support our activities like planting, watering, advocacy)
  7. Become a committee member by volunteering some time to help with supporting events, starting place-making activities, talking to council and building relationships, basic website updates, kicking off new social media channels and more. If you have some other ideas about how you can help we’d love to hear.


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