Toilets on Pako – feedback

The City of Greater Geelong are asking for further feedback on their plans for toilet blocks in and around pako.

Submit your feedback by September  29.

We are in favour of option 1: A more tasteful redevelopment of the old toilet block at the back of the town hall.

The other options have issues:

Option 2 ruins the hope steet mini square by putting toilets to close to this area effectively killling this seating and meeting area.

Option 3 will create a squeeze point for pedestrians crossing between the library  and car park and may end up being a derelict passage.

Option 4. The idea moving the west park toilet out into the open space of the park will ruin a nice portion of the parks usable space. No one wants to hang out close to a toilet block.

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  1. After a query to the City’s planners early this morning re their use of two very different dates for public responses to their options, the City’s website appeared in modified form to yesterday’s and had expunged the late September date and indicated that feed-back opportunities would cease today, Fri 11 Sept.

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